Concept and design for a proposed series of cross-promotional campaigns in support of wounded veterans.
Patrons are invited to use an online drawing tool to design a their own thank you note to wounded vets. Each individual note populates one big THANK YOU that lives on a microsite. With every note submitted or shared on social media, a donation is made. A larger-than-life promo themed installation is placed in high-trafficed areas and those that pass by are encouraged to write their own thank you on the piece.

Concept 2: HERO RACER
This idea revolves around the newly popular Blippar app which lets users click on a label and unlock dynamic interactive content. The label would invite families to play a bike-themed video game, and in turn, help wounded vets. Every time somebody accesses the game, a donation is made to support SoldierRides events.
 Concept 3: RAISE A FRY
Patrons hold up a fry as a kind of civilian “salute” or show of support for wounded heroes. A picture is taken and shared it via social media with the hashtag #HienzRaiseAFry. A donation to fund job training in the culinary arts for wounded warriors is made and if it gets 57 “likes” , a second donation is made. Each fry salute becomes part of a constant stream on the microsite, also allowing an opportunity for celebrities to join in and make their fry salute, thus raising the profile and potential of the promotion.
Concept 4: HELP A HERO
Diners encouraged to donate via text. They can choose which program to support and a donation is matched up to $5 per phone number. A pack tracker visual lives on a promotional microsite shows care packs earned by region and updated daily.
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